christmas shopping

Phillips de Pury & Company is proud to announce the next Saturday@Phillips Sale on Saturday December 17, 2005 at 11am. The Auction will be comprised of Contemporary Art, 20-21st Century Design Art and Photographs. I'm surely going there to watch and feel the air...............


clubbing miami

time to party, coming from an old school partying generation I decided not to miss tonight's venue at Space Club Miami, Ferry Corsten, I will write the review tomorrow............................


cult design for glamorous interiors

B&B Italia launched it's second home catalogue, I should say they are really following the new trends with their new marketing strategy: perfect scenes, combinations, images and sections Especially "home gallery", cult design for glamorous interiors part is fascinating.

By the way new athos table design additions are also very eye catchy, functional bench and console are added to the collection with a new cognac finish wood version

download the pdf go to B&B


art basel miami beach containers

these days my biggest concern is to find a decent prefabric construction unit both for office ans sales office spaces, therefore at the art basel miami beach the trailers converted to art galleries were more then interesting for me, but especially one, mytogallery was excellent, there I found where I could spend at least two months salary...the name of the artists is Ariel Orozco, and the piece that I fell in love is "double consumption" which consists of 120 black and white photographs showing an eraser as a model and at the same time erasing the model creating the next process, brilliant, perfect graphical effect, I just loved it. Please check the website for this young gallery full of shiny artists and pieces.

long time no see

I'm so sorry, I know that the main rule of a blog is to update it everyday, but imagine yourself moving from a very big city to an island ( by the way I really don't want to give the name because the local people are already too far being friendly, so if I give the name I might not be able to go there again!!!) where internet and phone are a serious luxury, with an only one bookstore and only fedex as speed courier service, anyway now back to Miami for couple of weeks I will try to catch up if I can.......


all about London

Unfortunately I cannot get immediately all the magazines on the island, I know this is nearly the end of october but I just had a chance to read icon's latest issue which is all about London. Actually I'm not a fan of London, I like to go there, enjoy partying but wouldn't prefer to live there. But in icon you can read all british based architects and designers feelings about London like how they started, who was working with who, difficulties, art scene and many other interesting information. Zaha Hadid, Koolhaas, and many other celebrities..........

So here is an interesting conversation:
one day Ron Arad and Citterio were together and looking to the famous Vitra's chair poster.
Citterio said to Arad

-I worked nearly all my lifetime with Vitra and don't have one chair on the poster and you have 6!!!!




Wooden sculptures, furnitures, toys....whatever....these objects are very fashionable and there is a severe competition between companies designing solid wood objects. They call it in the US " solid contemporary furniture", I think they are not like typical furnitures but more like primitive african art, or similar to Nakashima designs, back to basics!!!
here som
e addresses if you really want to buy one of these objects to create a Donna Karan residence look in your apartment

cappellini mondo collection could be the
first option, not much but still they have a couple of solid wood products, very expensive FYI

If you are looking for really small accessories like vases, stools, or wooden plates I suggest extreme origin, Carine Tontini's designs are really cool, she prefer to use exotic fruit wood as material
Then there is Jerome Abel Seguin, you can find his designs in Ralph Pucci stores in the US. He has poetical products: furnit
ure, sculptures, lighting....refined, sleek forms

Hudson furniture Inc has very cool products in the list, especially I would rather go for the tables


rain in new york

I want, I don't need but I definitely have to have it...this is a typical women histeria about unneeded shopping items, you just try to create reasons to go buy while you have many other items more important in your list. There is a crazy rain in New York since two days, well, I have decided to visit the trench coat master, burberry...it was there, looking at me, shiny, black, with beautiful plisses, baam, I was in love. I also visited Barney's to check Margielas but they really couldn't compete with burberry's night gown looking cool trench.
As seen on the image.................


I am happy You are happy He/She is happy!!!

finally I found my sofa, close as design to PK31/3 but 5 time cheaper...actually the original image(as seen below) in flexform catalogue doesn't look good. But master of interiors, Italian Elle Decor magazine made such a scene we were in love immediately with Citterio's 2005 design "happy sofa". Luggage brown cuoio leather, two seater without side cushions, just perfect, terrific. So if you buy it you'll see the sofa. It's kind a wired, normally he likes to give people's name to his designs like george, charles, harry, arne etc.. why happy?

modern ceiling fan by boffi

As I mentioned I'm moving to an island, so what is the biggest accessory in an island residence, yeah, a ridiculous fan. So far that is the best design that I would really enjoy watching turning on my head.......
boffi who celebrated its 20th anniversary couple of weeks ago is a well known design kitchen and bathroom company, if u ask me I would say the best. If you want to get the sleekest ceiling fan.............